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Structured - Supportive - Sober Housing.

Simmering Center Works.


  • 24/7 staffing for customized social setting stabilization

  • 3 to 5 day stay

  • Needs assessment and referrals for further treatment

Structured Housing

  • Private pay, sober, supervised housing

  • Unlimited stay for those who consistently meet criteria

  • Skills for life training, including computer skills, tips on job interviews, hygiene, financial and budget basics


Every resident is provided access to the coalition of agencies to meet basic needs, provide support for long-term abstinence and allow the clients to make their best effort to become productive and successful members of the community. The center also assists with basic needs and access to medical services and secure transportation to appointments. All Simmering Center alumni in good standing are welcome at classes and meetings at the center.

A structured, supportive community...

How does sober living support your recovery?

Sober living at Simmering Center is often recommended for recovering alcoholics and addicts following detox or a residential treatment program. Why is this? Two words: relapse prevention.


When an individual leaves treatment and returns to their home, they are returning to the same environment, habits and daily interactions that supported and even encouraged their active addiction. 


Simmering Center provides a safe, structured environment that supports people in early recovery as they reintegrate into society by providing:


1. Ongoing Support for Recovery

When an person enters our sober living home, they instantly become surrounded by recovery. Rules mandate that everyone living there is active and participate in recovery, attending meetings and even undergoing drug tests. 


2. An Alternative to Isolation and Boredom

Many individuals find themselves in uncomfortable lonely surroundings once they have been discharged from treatment. Simmering Center creates an environment where the alcoholic or addict is constantly surrounded by other people, both staff and other clients, who are working on their recovery, creating a sense of connection and comaradery.

3. Discipline, Structure, and Accountability

Simmering Center has house rules, including curfews, chores, consent to drug tests, and attending meetings, providing structure and discipline. Each resident is accountable for following the rules. Practicing structure and discipline allows the individual to take pride in their physical space and to experience order in their life, building their self-esteem as well as independence.


4. Time for Personal Transformation

Recovery requires a complete life transformation, but it is unrealistic to expect that transformation to be complete as soon as a residential treatment program is over. Simmering Center supports continued transformation by keeping clients connected and engaged in a community that supports ongoing growth.


5. Transition Back into the World

Sober living is vital to the alcoholic or addict transitioning back into the world. Sober living provides stability and structure, the ability to re-engage with society, and prevents relapses. 


Simmering Center provides assistance to find and keep a job, save money, develop healthy relationships, and plan for the future. In other words, Simmering Center provides a foundation of hope.

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